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In Path of Exile, after you complete the Labyrinth for the very first time, then you get to make the important decision of which Ascendancy Class you want to play. If right now the character you are choosing to play is a Witch, this offers you three interesting options to choose from and they are separately: Elementalist, Necromancer, or Occultist. In this post, we are going to be discussing some of the pros and cons of the Elementalist build, and giving some pointers on how to start equipping your character with the correct combination of PoE items to enable you to do the most damage with the elemental forces at your fingertips.

Here comes an Overview Of The Elementalist Ascendancy Class:

Just as the name suggests, Elementalists make use of the forces of nature to spread death and destruction across the whole Wraeclast. Right now, for the hotheads out there, you can try using a build centered around fire spells like Firestorm or Flamblast to incinerate your enemies. Otherwise, if you have already got a colder heart, then you can render your foes hypothermic with Frostbolt, Arctic Breath, or Freezing Pulse. For those who prefer something a bit more shocking, why not just offer Discharge or Herald of Lighting? Whatever your elemental flavor of choice, you just can rely on the Elementalist to tear through basically anything in your way.

Here Are Some Elementalist Passive Skills In Path of Exile:

In Path of Exile, Elementalists have access to several exciting passive abilities, starting with the following minor skills:

Elemental Damage, Attack, And Cast Speed:

① 10% increased Elemental Damage

② For Attack and Cast Speed increased 4%

Elemental Damage And Resistances:

① To all Elemental Resistances increased 6%

② For Elemental Damage increased 10%

Elemental Damage, Status Ailment Chance:

① Elemental Damage increased by 10%

② 3% chance to Freeze, Ignite, and Shock.

The common denominator among all of the minor skills is a 10% increase to elemental damage, which, of course, makes sense cause elemental damage is the bread and butter of the Elementalist. Beyond that, the different passives lead to some interesting and diverse playstyles just based on which one you'd pick. According to your choice of minor skills, you will have the ability to a different array of other, more powerful skills.

The following chart is just based on information from the Path of Exile Wiki, and does a really good job of mapping out the potential advanced skills for each minor skill, as well as the effects of those amazing skills.

Here Comes The Spell Choice for Your Elementalist:

The symbol of Path of Exile is the gem system, thanks to the manner in which it allows you to customize your character with a lot of different builds. This lets different players' wide latitude experiment with how they play the very same base class/Ascendancy combination. Just as I implied above, you can play an elementalist who uses fire, lightning, spell, or cold - or just as one who uses a hybrid of them.

Many talented players have graciously shared their builds on the official Path of Exile forums, and I highly recommend you check them out (cause not only can you get the latest Path of Exile updates, but also you can find some useful tips about how to farm as much PoE Currency online as possible if you are lucky enough. Rather than really digging into the complexities of various build options here, here is a quick discussion of a few of the builds that sounded the most effective and fun to play from a quick search through the whole forums.


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